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Accounting Lectures

Tutorials & Courses
Professor Dave Alldredge
Financial Accounting for Sole Proprietorship 106 videos
The is a comprehensive video series covering principles of financial accounting starting with financial accounting for sole-proprietorships,then partnerships and finally corporations.

Corporate Financial Accounting 107 videos
This is a comprehensive video series covering principles of financial accounting for corporations.

One stop location for users to find video lectures, reading materials and problems in a format that any user can understand.

Managerial Accounting 47 videos
This is a comprehensive video series covering principles of managerial accounting.

Accounting Video Lectures provided by

Daniel Dickson's Free Accounting School
At you can learn accounting through free online videos – no strings attached.  

Professor Bean Counter
For a little fun check out my Bean Counter Lectures and Office Chats !

Accounting in 60 Minutes - A Brief Introduction
Professor Turner's course will show you the very basics of accounting.  You can complete it in about an hour.  The course includes videos of the instructor at the whiteboard.  You will complete simple accounting quizzes to reinforce what you have learned.  This course is intended for business owners, business students, managers or anyone who wants to understand basic accounting.  It presents the information in an understandable format.  Even if you have taken an accounting course you will find the material insightful.

Finance Learning Academy
Learn the Basics In An Hour
Whether you just starting your university program in business or you are someone looking to build competency in accounting, this course is for you. When you learn the principles of accounting, you learn about all facets of the organization. Everything eventually flows through the accounting records. The accountant controls and communicates the information about the organization.

In this course, you'll be provided with a conceptual model of accounting and then see it in action with a sample case that you can follow along with.

Basic Accounting Lectures by Dave Krug & Johnson Community College from his online accounting course.
Course has 39 Lectures.

Professor Blazarus Accounting Lectures
Video Lectures covering 26 Accounting Topics

New Jersey Institute of Technology
also offers free accounting lessons through its own Open CourseWare website.The course, Acct 615, was created by Dr. Asokan Anandarajan. It offers important accounting concepts for effective decision-making. NJIT has a total of 17 lectures, all delivered through interactive video lessons. The website includes courses on basic accounting concepts, accounting equations, accounting laws and regulations,analysis of financial statements, internal decision making, transfer pricing and performance measurement, to name a few.

Accounting Basics - Online Classes Accounting Free - 40 Videos

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